How We Help

Digestive Health Specialists offers a full array of gastroenterology services to help you maintain a healthy digestive system. Here are a few of the many services we offer:



Flexible Sigmoidoscopy


Endoscopic Ultrasonography

Upper Endoscopy

Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography

Capsule Endoscopy

Esophageal Dilation


Minor Rectal Bleeding

Barrett's Esophagus

H. Pylori Breath Test

The office staff of Digestive Health Specialists consists of clinical, laboratory, histology and business office personnel.  Our office and clinical staff works closely with each patient to insure that we are delivering the highest quality of service in a caring manner.

In addition, we also keep abreast of the latest in reimbursement and coding issues ensure that we enhance the overall efficiency of the clinic.  We have certified procedural coders who makes sure that we are billing appropriately for the services rendered, a pre-certification clerk who works with the patient on contacting your insurance company in order to see if a test or procedure will be approved before it is performed; plus billing staff and receptionists.  Our clinical staff is highly trained in GI diseases and can assist with any questions that you may have.